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Langue(s) : Arabo.

Pays : Iraq.

Genre(s) : Generalista.

Satellite(s) : Nilesat


Al Fallujah sur


The Fallujah satellite channel targets the Iraqi family in particular, and the Arab family in general.

Thanks to its qualitative, modern program that is always in line with public expectations, the channel benefits from a constant audience where the viewer is at the center of the programs.
All segments of society, regardless of their sensibilities, their political ideals or their regions, can identify themselves in the programs of Fallujah, open to the Arab world.

Ambitious and committed, the Fallujah channel seeks to create dialogue and interaction with these citizens and tries to respond to their concerns, and to build the society of tomorrow by strengthening its links with civil society and government institutions.

The chain is also working on building strong links between Iraq and the Arab world. This goes through general news programs, social, cultural, artistic and religious programs of the Arab world, with a strong promotion of course of their extremely rich local heritage.