Idioma(s): Bérbere.

País: Marrocos.

Género(s) :cultura.

Satélites : hotbird

Tamazight NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


A television station owned by the National Corporation of Broadcasting and Television (SNRT) of Morocco, Tamazight is a public, general TV channel offering a varied programme schedule, named after the Amazigh language variant.
In keeping with its objective to promote and contribute to the preservation of Amazigh (or Berber) culture regionally, nationally and internationally, much of the channel’s programming is broadcast in the Amazigh language. Arabic speaking viewers may, nevertheless, follow many programmes that are shown on Tamazight, as almost all are subtitled in Arabic.
The Tamazight TV channel is primarily based on general programming aimed at families in the Moroccan community. It broadcasts a high number of entertainment shows. You can expect to see entertainment programmes, talk shows, programmes for women and young people or programming dedicated to sports. Evenings are devoted to films, television series or shows. Throughout the week, Tamazight broadcasts televised news programmes in Amazigh and shows which cover political, economic and religious issues. Viewers also appreciate the emphasis that the channel puts on culture by broadcasting plays, musical concerts in various regions including Kabyle, Zayane, Rif and Shilha, religious programmes, programmes designed specifically for children such as cartoons with soundtracks in Amazigh, Arabic and French, culinary programmes, documentaries and drama, all very successfully…
Now available in North Africa, the Mediterranean, throughout Europe, Asia Minor (Turkey) and the Middle East, Tamazight offers an entertainment channel for all lovers of the Amazigh language.

Informação técnica para instalar este canal

Position orbitale Nazwa kanału: Qualidade de imagem: Frequência: Polarização: Modulação: Taxa de símbolo:
7W Maghreb Tamazight SD 11.476 V DVB-S 27.5
13 deg East Tamazight HD HD 10.873 V DVB-S2 27.5
7W Maghreb Tamazight HD HD 11.515 V DVB-S2 27.5


8:00 - 9:30Variété

9:30 - 10:00Tifaouine

10:00 - 11:00Tifaouine

11:00 - 12:20Tifaouine

12:20 - 12:50Le Journal

12:50 - 14:00Tifaouine

14:00 - 15:00Le Soutien

15:00 - 15:45Documentaire

15:45 - 16:00Les Nouvelles De Midi

16:00 - 16:30Sitcom