Langue(s) : فارسی.

Pays : ایران.

Genre(s) : اطلاع رسانی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird




IRINN (The Islamic Republic of Iran News Network) is a channel that offers its viewers a continuous stream of information about current events. Just a short glimpse at the channel, is enough to learn everything about global news events, and its coverage is a great resource to major events as they unfold hour by hour. In Europe, IRINN’s signal is clearly captured via the Hotbird satellite. One of the channels of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Group National Broadcasting, IRINN’s main headquarters are located in the nation’s capital Tehran.

The channel’s programs are broadcast mainly in Farsi, the Persian language, although some news broadcasts are also presented in Arabic and English. These newscasts, however, not always on a continuous loop, so they are easy to miss. Along with current events, IRINN’s programming schedule also includes of sporting footage as well as very passionately argued religious and scientific programs. The channel is known for its broad debate, with in-depth discussions about policies and reports including pictures and reviews, offering a much needed Iranian perspective on the events of our times.

Are you fluent in at least one of the three languages used by IRINN? If so, give IRINN a try and enjoy a uniquely Iranian take on the world. IRINN is also the ideal channel for Iranian people who live in Europe or North Africa, with coverage across the region thanks to the Hotbird satellite. The channel offers a full program, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there is always something to watch.