More choice, made easy reinvents your
TV experience!

Discover the service is an innovative service that is unique in Northwest Africa and the Middle East and
that offers you a range of new features.
Thanks to these features, watching TV has never been so easy and fun!
This simple free service is available in a wide range of set-top boxes.



The service is completely free. All you need is a compatible set-top box.



Connect the compatible set-top box to your TV and satellite dish. And that’s it! No more complicated set-ups.


Innovative is unique! It offers features such as automatic channel updates, channel filtering by genre, a visual programme guide, reminders, recording and more.

Access a wide range of channels
for the whole family

Films, series, sports, cartoons for the kids... everyone will be happy! offers 1000 TV channels including:
On Eutelsat/Nilesat, 150 film and series channels, 40 sports channels, 100 news channels,
20 children's channels and 20 music channels... 150 of which are HD channels;
On Hotbird, 70 news channels, 100 general interest channels, 20 culture and documentary channels, 20 music channels... 100 of which are HD channels.
Discover all the free channels available on our satellites: