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Syria Drama is a Syrian satellite channel. The TV channel started broadcasting in Syria in 1-1-2009. Its aim was to support the Syrian drama and to highlight the issues of Syrian society in particular and the Arab in general. Social, cultural, economic, political and life issues for the Syrian and Arab citizens. Syria Drama can… Read more »

Télé Liban (TL) (Arabic: تلفزيون لبنان‎‎) is the first Lebanese public television network, owned by the Lebanese government. Télé Liban was originally launched in 1959 by General Sleiman Nawfal with the aid of France. It was merged with two privately owned stations, CLT and Télé Orient, in November 1976. Télé Liban can be received in… Read more »

TV Tunisia 1 является универсальным каналом тунисского телевидения. В мае 2016 года телезрители вместе с создателями канала отмечали 50-летие со дня основания канала. Этот телевизионный канал охватывает широкий спектр тем, поэтому он очень быстро успел завоевать признание и доверие публики. Информация на этом канале вещается только лишь на арабском языке. Еще одно преимущество канала TV… Read more »

Tunisia TV 2 is a public television channel. Tunisia TV 2 operates as a public media within a specific editorial line based on: culture, actors and young people; a voice for young people and a platform for Tunisian culture through open dialogues with young people and addressing their concerns and demands, the real situation of… Read more »

TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient is a French-speaking channel dedicated to the Maghreb, Middle East and Gulf countries. The Mediterranean has always been for TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient a place for meetings, exchanges, discoveries and friendships. Through its worldwide broadcast network, TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient channel and its website are committed to reflect the diversity and richness of Mediterranean… Read more »

Yas TV – телеканал, посвященный арабскому спорту. Находится в собственности Abu Dhabi Media – официальной медиакомпании Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов. В 2015 году он заменил предыдущий канал Abu Dhabi Sports Extra. Yas TV предлагает зрителям богатую программу, охватывающую именно те виды спорта, которые пользуются в стране наибольшей популярностью. Среди них – верховая езда, соколиная охота, парусные… Read more »

Yemen TV – один из трех общественных телевизионных каналов Йеменской Республики. Принадлежит компании Yemen Radio Television Corporation. Сигнал Yemen TV распространяется через спутник на Ближний Восток, Северную Африку, Европу и Северную Америку. Основанный в сентябре 1975 года, канал является флагманской телестанцией в стране. Он вещает 24 часа в сутки. На момент создания Yemen TV был… Read more »

Zee Aflam (Arabic: زي افلآم) is an India-based satellite television channel owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises based in Dubai, UAE, which broadcasts Hindi Movies in Hindi with Arabic Subtitles. It also shows the movies dubbed in Arabic. It is the most famous channel in the Middle East. The channel showcases all kinds of movie genre… Read more »

Zee Alwan is an Indian-owned satellite television channel, owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises and based in Dubai, UAE, which broadcasts various Hindi programmes dubbed in Arabic and also hours of original programming every month. It also includes popular shows about cooking, health, fitness and travel. A number of Arabic serials are also aired. Zee Alwan… Read more »

Zweina Baladna channel was launched at the end of 2009. The channel seeks to build strengthen of the Jordanian identity, to communicate with all segments of the local community and let the Arab and Western viewers to learn about the Jordanian heritage. It is considered one of the most popular Jordanian satellite channels in the… Read more »