Asia Network TV  آسيا ه

Языки: Арабский.

Страны: Ирак.

Жанры: Новости.

Спутников : Nilesat


Asia Network TV ha


Asia Channel is an Iraqi channel, with an Arab identity, and a global orientation. Its programs are dedicated to Iraqis first. The Asia channel is committed to provide credible informations in all the information it provides, and show objectivity in dealing with all of the personalities it receives on the studios. Presenters, open to others’ opinions, pursue constructive dialogue and aspire to build bridges of communication between civilizations and peoples.

It aims to stimulate and encourage creative energies to take off, and confirms its commitment to laws and its respect for human rights and the freedoms of others.

Finally, working on the concept of citizenship, highlight the Islamic human values ​​to fight oppression and tyranny, sustaining the line of resistance in the world in general and the region in particular, supporting democracy and rejecting dictatorship everywhere are some other objectives of this channel.

This channel can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa region, through the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7°W satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.