Al Ra

Langue(s) : Арабский.

Pays : Ирак.

Genre(s) : Новости.

Satellite(s) : Nilesat


Al Rafidain sur


Al Rafidain is an Iraqi news channel, primarily political. In addition to political programs, the channels has numerous cultural, scientific and economic programs. Finally, it also tracks sports affairs.

One of the aim of Al-Rafidain channel is to restore confidence and self-esteem among the original Iraqis and to seek goodness and virtue among the people of this called «good people» by its nature. The channel aims also to reinforce Arab and Islamic roots in modern Iraq.
Al Rafidain is clearly fighting sectarianism and racism in all its forms.

Al-Rafidain is not only focused on Iraqis’ issues, but extends its ambitious to treat Arab and Muslim issues everywhere. Strong of a more global understanding of the Arabic World. Al Rafidain is leaded by the idea that any Arabs concerns’, its their concerns’; any Arabs’ joy is their joy too.
Al-Rafidain broadcasts for all Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims.