How do I get the service?

Set-top boxes supporting the service are available in over 10 countries.

These set-top boxes are sold directly in TV shops.

Get your new set-top box in 3 easy steps.


Check the availability of the service in your country by clicking on the button below "I'm looking for a set-top box! " and select your country.

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See the list of official partners who provide the service in their set-top boxes.

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Go to your nearest TV and satellite shop and ask for a compatible set-top box*. Some set-top boxes can be recognised by the logo on the product.

*The price of a set-top box depends on the retailer but the average price is around $15.

How to receive

Receiving all the free TV channels on is as easy as pug and play!

To receive the service, you need to be within the Eutelsat satellite coverage area, have a satellite dish and a receiver.

carte de la zone de couverture des satellites

In the satellite coverage area

antenne parabolique pour recevoir le satellite

A satellite dish

box récepteur satellite

Un décodeur

box récepteur satellite une clé USB

Where can I receive the service ?


The service is available on Eutelsat/Nilesat satellites. Eutelsat/Nilesat satellites cover all of North Africa and the Middle East.


If you receive the HOTBIRD satellite, you can also benefit from the service. HOTBIRD satellites cover all of Europe, western Russia, North Africa and the Middle East.