Pays: Rússia

8 Kanal Evrope is a general channel broadcast in Russian, which targets the Russian and Belarusian population. Transmissions are live and you can enjoy many different programmes throughout the day. The channel broadcasts several weather bulletins from morning to evening, as well as numerous series covering a variety of topics to suit all tastes. The… Ler mais »

Belarus 24 is a general Belarusian public television channel owned by the state. It was launched in 2005, with the main objective being to offer Belarusian citizens living abroad the opportunity to follow current in-country news in detail, as well as to be able to access the main programmes available on the national networks. The… Ler mais »

Cette station de télé incontournable en Russie demeure une des plus populaires au monde depuis sa création. Elle diffuse un large panel de programmes exclusifs à travers l’Europe et le reste du globe. Vous aurez sous les yeux une vraie fenêtre sur la culture russe, les traditions des soviets et les mœurs contemporaines de ce… Ler mais »

CNL-Europe is a satellite Christian television channel, founded in 2002. The channel is available in Russian language and has developed a programme schedule geared towards a family audience, focusing on content for young people. Much of the airtime on CNL is dedicated to the broadcast of religious services, Christian concerts, evangelistic documentaries and thematic programs… Ler mais »

Do you need to follow the news in former Soviet bloc countries and get correct, impartial, up to date information regarding hot button issues not covered by the local press of those countries? Tune into Current Time 1 on Hotbird, broadcasting continuously since 2014. This television channel offers a daily detailed and complete review of… Ler mais »

R1 (Russia-1) is a Russian TV channel that is heavily centred around entertainment. The channel is intended for a Russian speaking family audience. The R1 channel enables Russian speaking viewers to watch major international films in their native language. All of the latest box office hits are screened by the channel, along with lesser known… Ler mais »

Rossiya 24 (Russia-24 in English) is the heiress of the state TV channel Vosti. Part of the television station’s network belonging to public broadcaster VGTRK (Compagnie State television and broadcast throughout Russia), it has established its headquarters in the Russian capital, Moscow. This channel provides continuous coverage of national and international news. Its purpose is… Ler mais »

RT Arabic, or Rusiya Al-Yawm, is a Russian non-stop news television channel broadcast in the Arabic language. Founded in 2007, RT Arabic is the sister company of the international English language channel, Russia Today. The channel targets the Arabic speaking population of the world and offers a Russian perspective on global news and current affairs…. Ler mais »

RT Documentary is a Russian continuous broadcast TV news channel . The chain RT Documentary broadcasts in different languages: English, Arabic, French, and of course Russian. Its objective is to offer the international community an additional image of Russia through a quite different presentation of information from that offered by the Western media. RT Documentary… Ler mais »

Based in Moscow and launched in 2005 as Russia Today, RT is a Russian government-funded, 24-hour news network. RT English covers all sectors of Russian and international news including headlines and breaking news which relate to current affairs, politics, the economy, finance, entertainment, sporting events and more… Winners of the Best 24-Hour News Programme at… Ler mais »

Public broadcast entity VGTRK, RTR Planeta is a Russian general channel that launched its operations in 2002. As its name indicates, it’s vocation is to provide a global television station to those wanting an authentic Russian station wherever they may be in the world.The international arm of state television Rossiya 1 is therefore intended for… Ler mais »

With its popular music programmes and entertainment shows, Russian Musicbox sets itself out to be ‘the’ international music channel for young people. It first started broadcasting in 2004 and is widely available across the globe including in numerous towns in Russia, in the Baltic States and in all European countries. The channel is dedicated to… Ler mais »