Langue: Farsi

Iran e Aryaee TV is an Iranian television station. Available for free, it takes a strong position as a network which champions free expression. Iran TV e Aryaee TV campaigns openly for a political system that separates religion from the state. Therefore, the network operates as an opposition media to the Islamic government of Iran…. Ler mais »

The Iran TV Network, available on Hot Bird satellite, has been broadcasting for the past twenty five years. This channel is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Its programmes are aimed at Persian (Farsi) speakers living in in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to its sophisticated network of satellites, Iran… Ler mais »

From its position as the Iranian state television channel, IRIB Quran is a major leader among television providers in the Arab world and is dedicated to promoting the values of the Quran. Following on from the provision of its predecessor Quran TV, IRIB Quran offers viewers live broadcasting of the five daily prayer sessions that… Ler mais »

IRINN (The Islamic Republic of Iran News Network) is a channel that offers its viewers a continuous stream of information about current events. Just a short glimpse at the channel, is enough to learn everything about global news events, and its coverage is a great resource to major events as they unfold hour by hour…. Ler mais »

Founded in 1996, the audiovisual group Jame-Jam TV Network broadcasts 3 channels via satellite : Jame-Jam 1, 2 and 3. These channels are dedicated to Iranians who live outside the country. Channel 1 broadcasts in Europe, channel 2 in North America and channel 3 in Asia and Oceania. Well known for music programmes with leading… Ler mais »

Kalemeh TV is a free channel that is completely dedicated to the Islamic faith. Broadcast from the United Kingdom, this television station offers a range of programs to assist you in your faith through the transmission of Islamic teachings solely based on the Koran. Kalemeh TV also dedicates its work to encouraging the return of… Ler mais »

The Persian language channel Manoto 1 is owned by Marjan Television Network Ltd. Launched in 2010, it has headquarters in Iran and the United Kingdom. Considered to be one of the most influential TV stations broadcasting in Iran, it is aimed at a wide audience and intends to be a showcase for Persian popular culture… Ler mais »

The religious TV channel Mohabat TV was founded in 2012 and aims to support Christian populations in Farsi speaking areas in the fundamentals of their faith. To this end, it offers them a variety of programs in Farsi to accompany them daily. The young and the old, along with people of all social classes can… Ler mais »

The MovieMaxx channel is designed specifically for movie lovers. From their living room, viewers have access to a vast catalogue of movies of all different genres. Whether their tastes run to action, rom-com, science fiction, thrillers or animation, all audiences are catered for. Movies are arranged by theme, making it easier to find the films… Ler mais »

MTA has the vast array of programs ranging from wildlife to cooking to computing are regularly broadcast to cater for different tastes and interests. There are also numerous specialized programs. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries touch upon political, social and religious issues. Language classes that help viewers to improve their linguistic skills include Chinese,… Ler mais »

Nasim TV is a new Iranian channel. This television channel was launched regionally on September 17, 2013 before being extended to the whole territory of Iran in 2014. Its headquarters are located in Tehran. It is defined as an entertainment channel and broadcasts its programs without interruption. This chain is part of the group called… Ler mais »

National Geographic channel is a documentary channel. Through the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, National Geographic captivates and entertains a global community. National Geographic Persian is the first documentary in the region with a twenty-four hour broadcast and free of charge. National Geographic channel presents high-quality documentary programs of culture, wildlife, engineering, technology… Ler mais »