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CNL-Europe is a satellite Christian television channel, founded in 2002. The channel is available in Russian language and has developed a programme schedule geared towards a family audience, focusing on content for young people. Much of the airtime on CNL is dedicated to the broadcast of religious services, Christian concerts, evangelistic documentaries and thematic programs… Ler mais »

Founded by the businessman Tharwat Basili, CTV is the official channel of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the Arab countries. The channel broadcasts free of charge on the HOTBIRD satellite network, and has a mission to regularly inform its faithful worldwide of new developments in the Coptic faith. Guided by its Patriarch, His Holiness Pope… Ler mais »

Founded in 1993 by Marcus and Joni Lamb, Daystar TV is an American Christian channel dedicated entirely to propagation of the gospels. Over the years, it has become one of the largest religious television channels in the world, let alone the USA. However, its success is phenomenal in the USA, where Daystar TV is syndicated… Ler mais »

EWTN stands for Eternal Word Television Network, and is run by an independent Christian charity. Based in the United States, the television network was launched in 1981, and seeks to provide consistent religious programming with a spiritual vocation via a schedule of programs related to Catholicism. The programming on EWTN is varied and covers all… Ler mais »

Launched in February 2011 by a group of Shiite Muslims based in the United Kingdom, Fadak TV is a television channel whose mission is to popularise the Shiite doctrine to the Arab people and the wider world in general. Promoting a tolerant Islam that is very different to currents that preach violence and terrorism, the… Ler mais »

God TV is an international channel that broadcasts in English and seeks to convey Christian values to a worldwide audience. This channel was founded in 1995 in Britain, with the aim of creating a European-wide Christian broadcaster. Today, it is based both in the UK, the US and Israel, with its international distribution centre in… Ler mais »

From its position as the Iranian state television channel, IRIB Quran is a major leader among television providers in the Arab world and is dedicated to promoting the values of the Quran. Following on from the provision of its predecessor Quran TV, IRIB Quran offers viewers live broadcasting of the five daily prayer sessions that… Ler mais »

Kalemeh TV is a free channel that is completely dedicated to the Islamic faith. Broadcast from the United Kingdom, this television station offers a range of programs to assist you in your faith through the transmission of Islamic teachings solely based on the Koran. Kalemeh TV also dedicates its work to encouraging the return of… Ler mais »

Kanal Hayat is a Turkish television channel that is broadcast free of charge via the Hotbird satellite. Its programs revolve around the Christian religion and aim to promote the conversion of the masses in a context where more than 95% of the Turkish population is Muslim. Despite this statistic, Kanal Hayat always manages to achieve… Ler mais »

First launched in 2007, KICC TV is a television station owned by the British religious movement Kingsway International Christian Centre. Operating under the leadership of the prophet-founder of the congregation, Matthew Ashimolowo, the channel exclusively covers topics relating to religion and is intended for all age categories. If its orientation is clearly directed toward spirituality,… Ler mais »

Established in June 1995, Life TV is an Estonian interdenominational channel dedicated to Christianity. Since 2007, the channel has benefited from being broadcast through the Hot Bird satellite network to increase its audience in the Baltics and around the world. Life TV wants to reach as many people as possible in Estonia and abroad. Although… Ler mais »

The Miracle Channel is Canada’s first Christian television station, and has been broadcasting religious themed shows since being founded in 1996. Funded largely by donations from the faithful, it has been ably led by Pastor Leon Fontaine since 2001. The current schedule offers numerous sermons and talk shows, as well as documentaries, movies, news and… Ler mais »