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Nessma TV (Arabic: قناة نسمة‎‎, translation: Breeze channel) is a TV channel located in Tunisia. The TV channel was launched on March 16, 2007. All programmes broadcast on this channel have subtitles in French or Maghrebi Arabic. It broadcasts programs like Maghreb version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, Called Man sa yarbah al… Ler mais »

Recent years have seen the appearance of new television stations promoting a focus on the Persian culture. With their ability to take advantage of satellite broadcasting, such as via Hot Bird, these channels can now reach Persian populations wherever they are living or working in the world. Based in the UK, the Iranian Persian Star… Ler mais »

Owned by Persian Star TV (PS.TV) Limited, Persian Star 2 is an Iranian television channel. Like its counterpart Persian Star 1, its general headquarters are based in the United Kingdom, where the channel both produces and broadcasts its programmes. Both of these channels are geared towards offering viewers entertainment as well as an insight into… Ler mais »

Rotana Cinema is a free to air satellite television channel that is owned by Rotana Group network. It was launched in 2005, and broadcasts exclusively old and contemporary films in Arabic. Rotana Cinema has the largest and richest Arabic movie library in the world; this channel broadcasts premium production films ranging from golden oldies to… Ler mais »

A free Egyptian satellite channel affiliated to Cleopatra Media, owned by an Egyptian businessman and politician. It was launched in 2011. The main objective is to cover the Egyptian political and social life with a different and independent outlook. The channel also broadcasts News and TV series. Sada Elbalad can be received in the all… Ler mais »

Syria Drama is a Syrian satellite channel. The TV channel started broadcasting in Syria in 1-1-2009. Its aim was to support the Syrian drama and to highlight the issues of Syrian society in particular and the Arab in general. Social, cultural, economic, political and life issues for the Syrian and Arab citizens. Syria Drama can… Ler mais »

Zee Aflam (Arabic: زي افلآم) is an India-based satellite television channel owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises based in Dubai, UAE, which broadcasts Hindi Movies in Hindi with Arabic Subtitles. It also shows the movies dubbed in Arabic. It is the most famous channel in the Middle East. The channel showcases all kinds of movie genre… Ler mais »