Idioma(s): Inglês.

País: Estados Unidos.

Género(s) :Religião.

Satélites : hotbird

The Church Channel NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


The Church Channel was launched in 2002 in the United States by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Given the fact that almost one third of Americans no longer regularly attended church, and that the number of followers not belonging to any particular parish increased each year, the idea of taking church to people’s homes came into play. The Church Channel broadcasts 24/7 in the form of services, sermons and spiritual conferences. With nearly 330 000 churches in the US, the channel offers the best of each type to suit individual needs, whilst able to sit comfortably at home. Viewers can listen to charismatic speakers who guide them in deepening their faith through posing and answering questions such as how to overcome challenges, how to forgive and how to excel oneself. Many such subjects are addressed daily and the channel connects with viewers by using well known preachers. Frequent names include Joyce Meyer, who teaches the Bible through humour, and the Pastor T.D. Jakes, who ignites his church through the force of the gospel. Doctor Robert Schuller, a veteran who has been preaching on television for 50 years, is also regularly seen on the channel. The Church Channel aims to reach out to those who have become distant from their faith, in the hope that they will be put back on the right track through prayer.
The Church Channel can be accessed via frequency 11.727 GHz on the Eutelsat Hot Bird Satellite 13 B.