Idioma(s): Inglês.

País: Estados Unidos.

Género(s) :Infantil.

Satélites : hotbird

Smile of a Child TV NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


Smile of a Child TV is an American owned and operated Christian channel aimed at children and a youth audience. As its origin is in the United States, the majority of programming broadcast is in the English language. Accessible to viewers through the Hot Bird satellite, this free to air station is geared toward children from the ages of two to twelve years of age. Offering a rich stream of religious programming, there’s also plenty of content that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Although the channel shares some of its programming with another chain, JUCE Network TV, the station maintains plenty of independence. Smile of a Child TV maintains a keen focus on Christian oriented programming and religious topics, but the channel has gone to great lengths in recent years to diversify its programming, making it more attractive to viewers, regardless of their religious background. Viewers can enjoy a varied schedule of programming, including cartoons from Disney and other shows imported from Japan and across Europe. There’s also a heavy schedule of movies and live action TV series, both general entertainment and programming that addresses key religious issues and family themes. Every Friday and Saturday, the channel broadcasts films that address particularly potent religious topics, making it particularly appealing for viewers who want to be entertained, but engage with content that is both relevant to their faith and will inspire them to think more about the world around them. An ideal destination for family viewing and younger Christians.