Idioma(s): Cazaque.

País: Cazaquistão.

Género(s) :Informativo.

Satélites : hotbird

Seven Kazakhstan NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


Also known as Channel 7, Seven Kazakhstan is a television channel based in the country’s capital, Astana. As well as keeping in line with other channels in Kazakhstan which dedicate their programme line ups to national current affairs, Seven Kazakhstan offers a younger and more modern approach to its content. Launched in 2009 under the realm of the old local channel ERA, Seven Kazakhstan sees itself as a young and fast growing channel with the ambition to revolutionize local perception where entertainment and news is concerned. Accessible via the Hot Bird satellite, the channel currently reaches more than 86 percent of the Kazakh population. Seven Kazakhstan offers a rich and diverse network of programmes, mainly consisting of those internally produced. Directed towards the widest viewer base possible, programmes include news updates, chat shows and entertainment shows on a variety of themes. Always on the lookout for new ideas, directors of the channel never hesitate in reviewing and revising the programme selection in order to meet the ever changing needs of their young audiences. Foreign media is also looked towards for inspiration on how to improve the channel. New programmes are therefore often based on concepts that have already been successful in other countries. This is particularly true of the hit American series, televised talent shows and other talk shows which make up the daily schedule on Seven Kazakhstan.