Idioma(s): Farsi.

País: Reino Unido.

Género(s) :Spielfilme-Serien.

Satélites : hotbird

Persian Star 2 NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


Owned by Persian Star TV (PS.TV) Limited, Persian Star 2 is an Iranian television channel. Like its counterpart Persian Star 1, its general headquarters are based in the United Kingdom, where the channel both produces and broadcasts its programmes. Both of these channels are geared towards offering viewers entertainment as well as an insight into the Persian culture. With an extensive satellite coverage range, the channels work at a high standard to promote Persian culture around the world. Persian Star 2 sees itself as a window through which lovers of Persian culture can stay connected to their passion. It targets a large viewer base which includes people from all sectors of society. The channel has a team of journalists based in Tehran as well as established correspondents in Iran’s neighbouring countries. With a large collection of state-of-the-art equipment, Persian Star 2 produces and broadcasts programmes in high definition.
In order to fulfil its role as ambassador and promoter of Persian culture, Persian Star 2 develops content with which viewers can easily identify. From culture to cinema, and from art to music, all sectors of the Persian entertainment industry are represented on the channel enabling viewers to keep up to date with the latest trends. The network of documentary programmes available allows viewers to find out about Persian artists and their works. Updates about major cultural shows are also broadcast in real time with Persian Star 2 often present at the heart of such events.