Idioma(s): Árabe.

País: Catar.

Género(s) :Infantil.

Satélites : hotbird

Jeem TV NO SATÉLITE hotbird - Programa televisivo


Jeem TV is a television channel aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years of age. The channel title refers to the letter, which can be found in the Arabic alphabet and the channel logo. With children being the target audience of this network, it’s no surprise that the schedule consists of a mixture of cartoons, magazine shows, youth programming and other educational content.
The programming aired addresses several key themes important to the youth of today. Children can view reports on current affairs, sciences and technology, as well as keep clued up on Qatari cultural and sports events worldwide. Entertainment game shows are designed with the target audience in mind, while viewers can also keep entertained with a variety of cartoons and documentaries broadcast daily. Many of the most popular programming also caters toward the parents of Jeem TV’s viewers.
Although many other stations have a tendency to simply dub programming in Arabic, Jeem TV does not. The station is active in producing its own content, whether independently or alongside public service bodies, ensuring audiences can enjoy a premier pick of Arabic speaking content.
Jeem TV also has its own interactive learning site, offering an exciting cross-entertainment platform for viewers to extend their education and learning. Many of its most popular broadcasts and programming has supporting material online for viewers to seek out and engage with. Thanks to Hot Bird, children throughout the Middle East, Asia Minor, North Africa and Europe can enjoy Jeem TV programming from the comfort of their own homes.