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4Fun Dance is the newest TV channel from the 4Fun Polish music television network. 4Fun Dance showcases the best dance music tracks from across the 4Fun network. Aimed at those who are both young and young at heart, 4Fun Dance combines the opportunity to enjoy the best dance music videos whilst getting a workout in… Czytaj dalej »

Launched in 2004, 4 Fun TV is a Polish channel broadcasting by satellite and entirely dedicated to music. Comprised of music lovers of all kinds, its staff is young and always looking for the latest musical trends. Continually on the cutting edge, the channel provides its viewers with a vibrant cocktail of programmes that allow… Czytaj dalej »

Eska ROCK TV – kanał muzyczny poświęcony muzyce rockowej. Oferta programowa to trzy kluczowe segmenty: Pop Rock, klasyczny Rock oraz muzyka alternatywna wykonywana przez największe gwiazdy tego gatunku. Poza muzyką na antenie stacji widzowie mogą obejrzeć relacje z koncertów, listy przebojów oraz muzyczne serwisy informacyjne. Eska Rock TV to w pełni rocka stacja. Na antenie… Czytaj dalej »


Eska TV Extra is a Polish music television channel. First launched exclusively on the Internet, its success was such that it has now become a conventional television channel in Poland as well. With Eska TV Extra and their live programs, it’s easy to discover all the stars of the Polish music scene! Eska TV Extra’s… Czytaj dalej »

Created in 2014, Fokus TV is targeted at the Polish community both within Poland itself and at those living around the world. With leading satellite provider Eutelsat offering wide accessibility with its 24/7 transmissions, Fokus TV is available in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Right from the start, this television channel quickly built… Czytaj dalej »


If music is your cup of tea, and you are keen to keep abreast of the latest music news the programming from Gold Hits offers an energetic and cheerful cocktail of exciting new music at all times, day and night. And not just modern music, the programmes cut across a wide variety of styles and… Czytaj dalej »

The Polish chain NTL is dedicated to providing the viewer with programming based around information and culture. With numerous magazines shows it has found its place among those who want to develop a better understanding of the present society. For over 6 years NTL broadcasts from 5:30am to midnight. All topics are addressed, from the… Czytaj dalej »

NUTA.TV to nowy kanał tematyczny, kanał muzyczny hd z dźwiękiem dolby digital!  We wrześniu 2015 roku rozpoczął nadawanie nowy kanał muzyczny w jakości premium.  Nadawanie przez całą dobę hd z dolby digital! lokalny i światowy mix  oferujemy światową jakość z uwzględnieniem muzycznych gustów mieszkańców polskich miast.

The world of Iranian media consists of a variety of channels, including several dedicated solely to entertainment. But in the whole lot, if there is one that stands out for its original style, it’s Rest 1. Composed of experienced and dynamic presenters, the team of this TV station brings together the best of Iranian showbiz… Czytaj dalej »

It was in 1993 that Polonia TV channel 1 was first launched. This is a private channel that was created under the leadership of twelve different regional channels of the country and formed a unified network broadcast throughout the country. Polonia 1 is the first commercial chain in Poland and offers a programme which is… Czytaj dalej »

Power TV is the first Polish entertainment channel presented in HD. It produces a variety of programmes to suit the preferences of all generations. With Power TV, you will be first in line for all Polish and global releases in music. You will find not only your favourite videos, but also all of the important… Czytaj dalej »

Stars TV is a Polish satellite television station that is dedicated exclusively to music programming. Thanks to its dynamic team of journalists and columnists, the chain offers an attractive cocktail of programs that will allow music lovers to explore their passion for music to the limit. As a Polish channel Stars TV devotes considerable attention… Czytaj dalej »