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Launched in 2005, Sama Dubai is a channel linked to the Dubai Media Incorporated group (DMI). Its primary objective is to offer quality programme content to people living in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the rest of the world. This channel offers a variety of programmes which pay tribute to local culture… Czytaj dalej »

Sat 7 Pars is a religious channel produced in Iran which is specifically aimed at Christians. The slogan of the channel is „Making God’s Love Visible”, which pretty much sums up the purpose and content of the channel which spreads the Christian faith into homes across the Arab world. This television station is primarily made… Czytaj dalej »

Launched in September 2010, Sat 7 Plus is an Arabic channel belonging to the Sat 7 network, and consists of television stations focused on the Christian religion. Its coverage area includes the Middle East, North Africa, the Arab world more generally. Based in the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, it is a forum from which Christianity can… Czytaj dalej »

Established in 1964, the Saudi 2 channel (also known as the Saudi TV Channel and KSA2) is part of the Saudi TV television group owned by the Saudi Arabian government. A general entertainment channel entirely in English and intended primarily for expatriates and foreigners working in the country, Saudi 2 provides a varied schedule of… Czytaj dalej »

Saudi TV, also known as KSA 1, is a Saudi Arabian television channel offering entertainment and news in a manner reflecting the country’s cultural values. Headquartered in the city of Riyadh and available in the Arabic language, this free satellite station delivers programmes focused on global political, economic and cultural issues, while also devoting much… Czytaj dalej »

The Shant TV channel was launched in 1994 in Armenia. This is a private channel which broadcasts general programming. Even though the channel was born in a time of crisis for the country, it was created with a quirky tone and a little more lightness than others channels in order to attract viewers and spread… Czytaj dalej »

Sharjah TV was launched in 2009. As a government channel, it is meant to be the spokesman of the Emirates. But you can find all kinds of culture in Sharjah TV. Broadcasted as a free channel by Hot Bird, it features programmes and shows focusing on the local news and various lifestyle happenings. Sharjah TV… Czytaj dalej »

Simay-Azadi Iran National Television is an Iranian network channel with an international team of media professionals. This channel is dedicated to inspire the people of Iran by raising awareness about the national and international happenings through its newscasts and shows. The very word ‘Simay-Azadi’ means “Picture of Freedom.” Simay-Azadi Iran National Television channel’s slogan rightly… Czytaj dalej »

Somali Cable TV is a privately owned channel broadcasting from London, available via the Hot Bird satellite. Its editorial programming devotes a significant amount of broadcasting time to covering national news and current events happening in Somalia, providing a credible source of information as events unfold. Somali Cable offers up-to-the-minute insights on developments from across… Czytaj dalej »

As its name suggests, Somali National TV is a government owned channel and the main television channel available in the country. It is also known as SN TV and the headquarters are based in the capital Mogadishu. Under the guidance of the ministry of communication, Somali National TV positions itself as an architect for the… Czytaj dalej »

Based out of the Belgium capital of Brussels, Stêrk TV is primarily targeted towards Kurdish speaking individuals. A successor to the now defunct ROJ TV station, Stêrk TV began its operations in 2009 with the aim to represent the varied needs of viewers across Kurdistan, and those of Kurdish descent scattered around the world. Providing… Czytaj dalej »

STS International (Cyrillic: CTC TV Channel Network) is a private television channel based in Moscow, Russia and is part of the CTC Media Group, which owns over 300 subsidiaries and 19 associated channels. STS was launched in 1994, and took the name of CTC in 1996. These days, it is one of Russia’s leading entertainment… Czytaj dalej »