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Rai 2 is the second most popular channel in the Rai group. Like its big brother Rai 1, Rai 2 is publicly owned and has a general focus. The channel describes itself as providing „the best of contemporary television” and it offers a wide range of programming, ranging from culture to informative content. Entertainment is… Czytaj dalej »

Rai 3 is an Italian public broadcasting channel which focuses on cultural television with a regional focus. It belongs to the Italian broadcasting group Rai and describes itself as „a TV channel that engages people”. For example, every day, it presents a unique perspective on the Italian television panorama, and broadcasts investigations on issues around… Czytaj dalej »

Created in Brazil in 1999, Rede Internacional de TV (RIT) is a television channel owned by Graça de Deus. The channel’s main objective is to offer entertainment to its viewers. It achieves this through broadcasting a variety of game shows, debates and children’s programmes. Seeking to maintain a high level of professionalism, the channel also… Czytaj dalej »

The world of Iranian media consists of a variety of channels, including several dedicated solely to entertainment. But in the whole lot, if there is one that stands out for its original style, it’s Rest 1. Composed of experienced and dynamic presenters, the team of this TV station brings together the best of Iranian showbiz… Czytaj dalej »

Headquartered in Piedmont, Retesette, also known under the name Rete 7, is an Italian local television station. Basically, its coverage area has historically included the cities of Piedmont, Val D’Aosta, along with Lombardy and Liguria. Thanks to the dissemination of its satellite programs on this channel, Retesette has been able to reach wider areas and… Czytaj dalej »

RIK Sat is a public television channel in Cyprus, broadcasting mainly in the Greek language. The channel is accessible for viewing via the Hot Bird satellite. RIK Sat comes under the supervision of RIK, the national radio-television broadcasting company based in Cyprus. Under this umbrella, it delivers some programmes through the radio network channels, RIK… Czytaj dalej »

Rotana Drama (Arabic: روتانا مصرية‎‎) is a free-to-air satellite TV general entertainment unencrypted channel that is owned by Rotana Group network. It was launched on 21 May 2011. The channel won the award of The Best Youth Show in the whole Arabic speaking world in the second year of Cairo’s Radio and TV Mondial. Rotana… Czytaj dalej »

Rotana Khalijia (الخليجية) (General Entertainment) -The channel was originally launched initially as a musical channel broadcasting mainly music from the Persian Gulf region. Later on Rotana Khalijia became a general viewing channel airing films, television series and lifestyle programming. „Khalij” translates to „Gulf” in Arabic – the Arabian Gulf in this context. As the name… Czytaj dalej »

Roya TV (Arabic: قناة رؤيا الفضائية‎‎) is a private Jordanian TV, was launched on January 1, 2011. It is part of Al-Sayegh Group. Roya announced its vision as being an institution that is based on establishing a quality media platform with modern content that lives up to the expectations of Arab audience in the 21st… Czytaj dalej »

RTP Internacional is the flagship public television channel in Portugal. A general entertainment station that showcases a range of light programming, it is watched by more than 20 million Portuguese every day. Without interruption for TV commercials, RTP Internacional broadcasts a wide variety of programmes throughout the week, Monday to Sunday. Above all a family… Czytaj dalej »

Public broadcast entity VGTRK, RTR Planeta is a Russian general channel that launched its operations in 2002. As its name indicates, it’s vocation is to provide a global television station to those wanting an authentic Russian station wherever they may be in the world.The international arm of state television Rossiya 1 is therefore intended for… Czytaj dalej »

RTV San Marino has been broadcasting since 1993. Originally limited in scope, in the year following its launch the channel adopted a newscast format. It currently airs programmes ten hours a day. Its evolution has been rapid, as has its growth in terms of popularity. The channel joined the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1995,… Czytaj dalej »