Język(i): Perski.

Kraj: Iran.

Gatunek: Dla dzieci.

Satelitów : hotbird



Hodhod Farsi TV is a free to view Iranian television station exclusively dedicated to children and younger views. Free to view for those with access to the Hot Bird satellite, this station is owned and operated by the Ahlubayte foundation, with a commitment to providing children with an incredibly diverse selection of programming to keep them entertained, educated and engaged. This channel offers Persian language content, dedicated to developing the minds of young Iranians with challenging and stimulating programming. Its editorial line adopts both an educational tone to help children learn, along with dramas and comedies with pure entertainment in mind. Hodhod Farsi TV also has a team of specialist psychologists at work behind their content, ensuring their programming is incredibly well designed and produced, for quality content that will captivate children’s imaginations and help them develop successfully. Helping children assimilate into the world around them as they grow, the schedule is designed to help promote easily accessible learning. There’s also a dedicated news stream with junior journalists, relaying current affairs and important news content to younger viewers, keeping them informed of all-important developments across Iran and the international stage. There is also plenty for much younger children to enjoy, with animated shows and entertainment programming designed specifically for toddlers. In addition to light entertainment shows and educational strands, there’s plenty of animated programming in the Iranian language, with a select slate of imported programming. Hodhod Farsi TV is also committed to religious education, with programs that help instill the teachings of Islam to children from a younger age.

Informacje techniczne na temat instalacji kanału

Position orbitale Nazwa kanału: Jakość obrazu: Częstotliwość: Polaryzacja: Modulacja: Szybkość transmisji symboli:
13 deg East HODHOD FARSI SD 12.558 V DVB-S2 27.5