Język(i): Rosyjski.

Kraj: Rosja.

Gatunek: Informacyjne.

Satelitów : hotbird



Do you need to follow the news in former Soviet bloc countries and get correct, impartial, up to date information regarding hot button issues not covered by the local press of those countries? Tune into Current Time 1 on Hotbird, broadcasting continuously since 2014. This television channel offers a daily detailed and complete review of the real news in the region through live hits, news updates, discussion and analysis with the goal of presenting all of the facts with as much objectivity as possible.

Curent Time 1 was born from a desire on the part of its founders to present a truly impartial and uncensored version of the news. Thus, the channel fearlessly broaches controversial topics frequently pushed to the side by official media channels. Current Time 1 offers a responsible dialogue around these hot topics by giving multiple different parties the opportunity to be heard and express and defend their point of view. A rare occurrence in journals, magazines and on television in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and even Russia, where freedom of the press is often very limited.

In its programming schedule, Current Time 1 offers a daily news program, as well as several shows which analyse, interpret and discuss current events based above all on the facts as they stand.

Informacje techniczne na temat instalacji kanału

Position orbitale Nazwa kanału: Jakość obrazu: Częstotliwość: Polaryzacja: Modulacja: Szybkość transmisji symboli:
13 deg East CurrentTime HD HD 12.225 V DVB-S 27.5
13 deg East CurrentTime HD 200 HD 12.225 V DVB-S 27.5
13 deg East CurrentTime SD SD 12.225 V DVB-S 27.5


17:00 - 17:05Новости

17:05 - 18:00Реальное кино

18:00 - 18:05Новости

18:05 - 18:30Открытый урок

18:30 - 19:00Балтия.Неделя

19:00 - 19:05Новости

19:05 - 19:30Азия

19:30 - 20:00Aмерика. Большое путешествие

20:00 - 20:30Главное

20:30 - 21:00Азия 360