Język(i): Perski.

Kraj: Afganistan.

Gatunek: Ogólne.

Satelitów : hotbird

Ariana TV International KANAŁAMI Z SATELITY hotbird - PROGRAM TV


Ariana TV International is a generalist channel based in Afghanistan and broadcasting to viewers worldwide. Its aim is to offer diverse content and accurate and unbiased news broadcasting throughout Afghanistan and to the Afghan community spread across the globe.
Between national and international news, movies, TV shows and cultural programmes, Ariana TV International offers a firm focus on information, content and entertainment that emphasises Afghanistan’s traditions and culture. The broadcaster’s goal is to provide a ‘Window for a Better Tomorrow’, and this slogan offers a taste of the mission that has given Ariana TV International such a favourable worldwide reputation. Its teams are comprised essentially of journalists and other experts, and the channel presents both local and international news via news programmes, reports, debates and thematic presentations.
From morning to night, Ariana TV International features the view of the world from Kabul, along with thematic programming hosted by leading presenters such as Friema Wasell, Nabil Miskinyar and Rona Rashid … At the weekend you can discover the Falash Show, the Zohra Show or the Konkash Round Table. In the evening, you can enjoy a typical ‘Indian movie’ or musical variety shows. In the afternoon, many plays are presented amidst the diverse schedule of Ariana International TV. Enjoy the delights of Afghan culture while following the country’s news.
Discover Ariana TV International via the Hotbird satellites throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean Basin and North Africa. Its dominant news programmes and cultural programmes are broadcast each weekday, Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 22:00.