StarSat launches service in North Africa

The service is now available in North Africa thanks to a partnership with StarSat, one of the best players in the satellite television market. This partnership holds great prospects for both companies! Read on to find out more about the background to this partnership and the implementation of the service in North Africa.

A quality partnership with a leading player in satellite set-top boxes

Maher Hussein is the Managing Director of StarSat. He has agreed to give us his first impressions on the partnership between StarSat and! As you may be aware, StarSat is an international company that manufactures and imports satellite TV set-top boxes throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.

StarSat is now the first partner to distribute set-top boxes that are compatible with our service in North Africa, Libya, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

Maher Hussein believes that this partnership has a bright future. He says he has been following our progress since early 2020 when the service already showed great promise. Since the launch at the end of 2020, StarSat and have brought great satisfaction to many users!

Benefits of the service for StarSat

The Managing Director of StarSat values the following benefits:

  • The very visual, graphic experience offered by the service: with the channel logos and the TV programmes presented in the form of illustrations, the world of satellite TV has been given a new look! With its contemporary look and very intuitive navigation, the service offers all customers an easy-to-use tool!
  • Automatic channel updates: a particularly useful option when you know how difficult it is to update channels manually. For retailers, this also means less work in terms of customer service, as the need to reinstall channels with each update is eliminated.
  • Easy access to the content of one’s choice: the user has access to a wide range of channels via a simplified interface that targets the right content for each user!

So adds real value to the products offered by StarSat! Everything is designed with the customer in mind and users can feel that.

The unifying factor in this collaboration? Innovation!

Both StarSat and regularly bring new things to the satellite industry. It is now easy to receive hundreds of HD channels – without any effort! In North Africa, this is something that is being welcomed with great pleasure. Users can enjoy their favourite programmes in the best conditions.

This is a major challenge for both companies, given the North African public’s passion for television. But it is because TV has a central place in the home that it was imperative to simplify and improve its use, for everyone!

With its many features, is sure to surprise you. And it’s great to know that this is just the beginning!

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