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Kurdistan 24, also known as K24, is a 24-hour rolling news channel based in Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi… Read more »

Many Iraqi Kurdish media outlets are owned by political parties, and Kurdistan TV is no exception. In this case, the… Read more »


KurdMax TV is owned, operated and managed by EDICOO group. It is a Kurdish/Erbil based Television channel broadcasting under The… Read more »

Kurdsat is the second television channel to have appeared in the Iraqi Kurdish media landscape. This TV station mainly broadcasts… Read more »

Kurdsat News is 24 hours News channel. Bringing you the most up to date and reliable regional and international news,… Read more »

Med Nûçe is a Kurdish television station broadcasting continuous rolling world and regional news. It is part of the generation… Read more »

Ronahî TV is a general Kurdish oriented entertainment and news television programme station. It has broadcast its programmes since 2012…. Read more »

Rudaw is originally a Kurdish media group. The television channel features many programmes about Kurdistan and Kurdish culture. Rudaw is… Read more »

Based out of the Belgium capital of Brussels, Stêrk TV is primarily targeted towards Kurdish speaking individuals. A successor to… Read more »

Created in March 2007 with the objective of setting up a ‘credible alternative to traditional media’ in Kurdistan, Zagros TV… Read more »