Zad tv

Lingua: Arabo.

Paese: Arabia Saudita.

Genere: Educativo.

Satelliti : Nilesat


Zad TV su


Zad TV is a scientific, educational, interactive, professional channel, which aims to be a useful reference. Attentive to the needs of the viewer, its objective is to achieve to bring knowledge to the widest possible public in a simple and attractive way.

The members of the channel team work in an atmosphere of cooperation, solidarity in accordance with Islamic precepts and always honoring Allah sobhanoh for the honor He has established in serving students of knowledge. All the programs are broadcasted from Saudi Arabia.

The public can follow all Zad TV programs in the Middle East and North Africa free of charge with the Eutelsat / Nilesat 7W satellite.


2:15 - 2:35اكتشف وطور نفسك

2:35 - 3:00أحسن الحديث

3:00 - 3:10رجال ونساء صدقوا

3:10 - 3:25القرآن الكريم

3:25 - 4:06محركات القلوب

4:06 - 4:45صلاة الفجر

4:45 - 5:40اللغة العربية

5:40 - 6:20السيرة

6:20 - 7:00العقيدة

7:00 - 8:00القرآن الكريم