Langue(s) : Arabo.

Pays : Egitto.

Genre(s) : Generalista.

Satellite(s) : Nilesat


Nile Drama sur


Nile Drama is an Egyptian channel part of the Nile TV Network. The mission of Nile media group is to protect and preserve Egyptian culture as the dominant culture in Egypt and the Middle East by producing, acquiring and presenting authentic culture and event contents to Egyptian and Arab families in the region. Nile TV network will succeed in achieving this goal by harnessing its precious resources: human elements and Egyptian cultural heritage.

Nile Drama Channel is the latest of those famous channel network. It broadcasts the most popular and impactful series, but also historical and social series of the legacy of Egyptian television and soap of opera program. All the programs are treated daily by the heroes and stars of Egyptian and Arab dramas. Those one offer reviews and analyzes of all the series broadcasted on the channel’s screen. One of the channel’s flagship programs is “Mousalsalati” (literally “My Series”) which welcomes theater stars and explode channel’s audience records.

Much more than just programs to watch, Nile Drama accompanies the viewer behind the scenes.

Nile Drama is available in the regions of North Africa and the Middle East via the Eutelsat / Nilesat 7/8 ° satellite. Equipped with your antenna, you can enjoy all its programs for free.