Langue(s) : Polonais.

Pays : Pologne.

Genre(s) : Musique.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


TO! TV sur


In recent months the media landscape in Poland has been impressed by a new, exciting television channel To!TV. To!TV has viewers on the edges of their seats, people of all ages are captivated with a fully comprehensive general programme schedule. One of the most interesting aspects of this television station is that it is also available on the Satellite Hot Bird. This particular feature will allow Polish born expatriates living in France, French people as well as other nationalities who understand and speak Polish, to enjoy high quality TV programmes. Broadcast in France, To!TV lets viewers follow the news and events in Poland along with other major areas of social life. Whether to find out what’s happening in Poland’s political agenda, economic situation, arts, cultural scene or documentaries, To!TV has it all. This new born Polish television station is intended as a media space offering everything viewers need according to their particular interests. There’s a good selection of channel programmes broadcast in French such as To! Whem, To! Social Man, Toi! Hollywood, Toi! Pole Dance and Toi! Discostacja. Sit back, relax and watch Toi! Fit Misteria, Toi! Doktor, Toi! Lista, Toi! Moda za grosz or Toi! Kreatywnie on To!TV. So keep checking each of the grids and schedules for a variety of channel programmes, great TV entertainment, something for everyone!