Langue(s) : Arabe.

Pays : Qatar.

Genre(s) : Sport.

Satellite(s) : Nilesat

Al Kass One sur


Launched on April 28, 2006, Al Kass One HD is the second sports channel from Qatar to Qatar.
Since this date, the channel got many viewers thanks to the coverage of a wide range of Qataris’ sports, especially football.
Not only, did the channel covered 2006 Asian Games -broadcasted in Doha- but also the channel covered the matches of several teams of the Gulf and the Arab countries in general. Al Kas One also transmitted many championships, of which the playoffs of the World cup, the Asian cup and the Gulf cup, which are among the programs most popular of the Arabian Gulf.

The channel obtained the price of the best sports channel of the Persian Gulf in 2007 and Khaled Jassim, the presenter of the Majlis program, received the price of the best Arab presenter.
Finally, Al Kass One won two awards at the Promax Bank of Asia Delta Awards which took place in New York in June 2008.

Programme TV de la chaîne Al Kass One (UTC±2)

13:00 - 13:30Val d'Aosta in TV

13:30 - 15:30Shopping

15:30 - 17:30Nordovest.TV

17:30 - 18:30Shopping

18:30 - 20:30Shopping Juwelo

20:30 - 21:00Le auto della settimana

21:00 - 21:30Informa 7

21:30 - 21:45Shopping

21:45 - 22:00Quattro zampe in TV

22:00 - 22:30IWS Wrestling