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Launched in 2004, Al Arabiya is one of the most highly watched channels in the Arab world, and is recognised as a principle competitor with Al Jazeera for the title of the premier Arabic-language TV channel. Broadcasting from its base in the gulf state of Qatar, its programming offers a diverse range of entertainment, news,… Read more »

The name of the Arabic language Al Jazeera Channel literally means ‘peninsula.’ This Qatari information channel was launched in 1996 and is a subsidiary of the Al Jazeera Media Network. The Al Jazeera Channel is based in Doha, the capital of Qatar. It offers world news with particular emphasis on events in the Middle East,… Read more »

Al Jazeera Documentary channel belongs to the Al Jazeera Media Network, with all broadcasts in Arabic. Al Jazeera Documentary channel launched in 2007. The channel is dedicated to broadcasting documentaries in Arabic, covering subjects such as politics, history, travel, science and art. The channel’s ethos is to disseminate the Arab cultural heritage to a wider… Read more »

Al Jazeera English is part of the much bigger world wide media group which bears the same name. Via HotBird satellites (which are part of Eutelsat) Al Jazeera programmes are received by about 54 million households around the world, including Europe, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean basin. With some 1500 TV broadcast channels and 300… Read more »

The TV channel Al Jazeera Mubasher went live on air in 2005. Al Jazeera Mubasher specialises in broadcasting conferences and important live events without expressing an opinion or making comments on the events taking place. If any programmes are broadcast in a foreign language they always carry Arabic subtitles to aid understanding. The channel’s name… Read more »

Al Rayyan Al Qadeem est une chaîne de télévision qatarie culturelle. Très populaire, elle propose essentiellement des programmes de divertissement accessibles pour toute la famille. Son ambition : promouvoir et sauvegarder les valeurs traditionnelles et culturelles du Qatar en particulier et du monde arabe en général. Les émissions de divertissement diffusées sur Al Rayyan Al… Read more »

Baraem Europe is an Arabic television channel entirely dedicated to children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. Its programmes are aimed at stimulating young children at pre-school stage. By watching Baraem Europe, children can follow the adventures of their favourite characters while mothers can rely on edutainment programmes to enhance their children’s early… Read more »

Jeem TV is a television channel aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years of age. The channel title refers to the letter, which can be found in the Arabic alphabet and the channel logo. With children being the target audience of this network, it’s no surprise that the schedule consists of a mixture of… Read more »

Qatar Television, better known as the Qatar TV or QTV is a channel that is run by the Qatari government as a public service channel, and it offers programs targeted at the general public. Broadcast from the Qatari capital, Doha, the programs on Qatar TV’s schedule include news bulletins and news chat shows, programs on… Read more »