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Here is the new frequency of the new Hona Baghdad TV channel on the Eutelsat-Nilesat satellite. The ongoing events that… ادامه مطلب

I-News and Iraqi channel of NEWS that covers regional and international affairs in all its details. The channel broadcastes from… ادامه مطلب


A channels that focuses on news all over Iraq and all over the world. This channel can be received in… ادامه مطلب

Holy Karbala Channel It is the channel of the Holy Hussaini Shrine. Originally, while it originally belongs to Imam Hussein… ادامه مطلب

Kurdistan 24, also known as K24, is a 24-hour rolling news channel based in Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi… ادامه مطلب

Kurdsat News is 24 hours News channel. Bringing you the most up to date and reliable regional and international news,… ادامه مطلب

The MBC channel for the whole Iraqi family. Officially broadcasted since February 17, 2019, MBC offers high-quality, targeted media content…. ادامه مطلب

Rudaw is originally a Kurdish media group. The television channel features many programmes about Kurdistan and Kurdish culture. Rudaw is… ادامه مطلب