Langue: فارسی

Ariana TV International is a generalist channel based in Afghanistan and broadcasting to viewers worldwide. Its aim is to offer diverse content and accurate and unbiased news broadcasting throughout Afghanistan and to the Afghan community spread across the globe. Between national and international news, movies, TV shows and cultural programmes, Ariana TV International offers a… Read more »

BBC Persian is an award-winning news channel which broadcasts its programmes in the Persian language. Based at Broadcasting House in London, BBC Persian is designed to cater to the 100 million Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but is also watched by a broader audience of expatriates worldwide. The goal of the service… Read more »

Channel Yek is an Iranian television channel owned and operated by Global TV network, Channel One. Responsible for some of the most established and popular TV channels delivering content in the Persian language outside of Iran, it continues to grow in popularity. Channel Yek is itself broadcast out of Los Angeles, California, and has been… Read more »

Face 1 is an Anglo-Dubai satellite television channel with a focus on family orientated fun and entertainment. Face 1 stands out from the crowd as an alternative to traditional, religious and political programming, instead this hugely successful TV channel offers the best in light entertainment, cartoons, games, beauty and variety shows. Programmes are broadcast 24… Read more »

Face 1 Persia is trying to produce heartwarming, educational, informative and entertaining programs. There are interesting programs for children for guidance and to help parents to train their children at home in a better and safer way. The broadcasting center of TV channel located in Germany. Face 1 Persia can be received in the all… Read more »

Gala TV is a television channel broadcasting from Germany, where it operates as part of the Hot Bird satellite network. It shows Persian language programs in many countries across Europe and the Middle East, particularly in Iran where it has met with great success. Truly a window on the world, it ranks among the most… Read more »

Ganj e Hozour is a TV channel dedicated to the continuation and dissemination of Kurdish culture. It plays a significant part in the new generation of TV stations that are evolving to promote and keep alive the lifestyle of the Kurdish people worldwide. In Europe, the channel is available free on the HOTBIRD satellite. Its… Read more »

GEM TV (General Entertainment and Media Television) is an entertainment channel broadcasting in Farsi. Founded in 2006, this satellite channel belongs to the GEM Media Group, proprietor of over a dozen channels covering a wide range of subjects and themes. From its headquarters in Dubai, GEM TV offers high definition programming in Europe, the Middle… Read more »

Hodhod Farsi TV is a free to view Iranian television station exclusively dedicated to children and younger views. Free to view for those with access to the Hot Bird satellite, this station is owned and operated by the Ahlubayte foundation, with a commitment to providing children with an incredibly diverse selection of programming to keep… Read more »

Home & Health Farsi is aimed at a female Farsi-speaking audience. The channel celebrates and inspires family-focused women to be the best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives. With a diverse range of content, from food and travel, home and family, and fashion and styling, Home & Health Farsi brings together popular… Read more »


IFilm Arabic is an Arabic television channel, which is part of an Iranian entertainment network consisting of two other channels. Each of these channels is available in its own specific language; either Arabic, English or Persian. IFilm Arabic was first broadcast in 2010. The network of programmes on the channel primarily focuses on broadcasting films… Read more »

IFilm English is a movie channel that exclusively broadcasts films and TV series of Iranian origin in English. Part of the Iranian group iFilm, the channel was launched in 2010 by the government of Iran. Available in three languages including Persian, Arabic and English, the English version is aimed at English and Iranian expatriates. On… Read more »