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4Fun Dance is the newest TV channel from the 4Fun Polish music television network. 4Fun Dance showcases the best dance music tracks from across the 4Fun network. Aimed at those who are both young and young at heart, 4Fun Dance combines the opportunity to enjoy the best dance music videos whilst getting a workout in… Read more »

Launched in 2004, 4 Fun TV is a Polish channel broadcasting by satellite and entirely dedicated to music. Comprised of music lovers of all kinds, its staff is young and always looking for the latest musical trends. Continually on the cutting edge, the channel provides its viewers with a vibrant cocktail of programmes that allow… Read more »

Aghani Aghani is a Music TV station broadcasting in the Middle East region and a Local Lebanese Radio Station 98.9 FM. Aghani Aghani TV is an Arabic only music station with the latest Arabic hits. The channel is the Number 1 Music Channel in Lebanon and one of the Top rated Music Channels in the… Read more »

Eska ROCK TV – a music channel devoted to rock music. The program offers three key segments: Pop Rock, Classic Rock and alternative music by the biggest stars of this genre. Apart from the music, viewers can watch live shows, hit lists and music information services. Eska Rock TV is a fully rock station. You… Read more »


Eska TV Extra is a Polish music television channel. First launched exclusively on the Internet, its success was such that it has now become a conventional television channel in Poland as well. With Eska TV Extra and their live programs, it’s easy to discover all the stars of the Polish music scene! Eska TV Extra’s… Read more »

Gala TV is a television channel broadcasting from Germany, where it operates as part of the Hot Bird satellite network. It shows Persian language programs in many countries across Europe and the Middle East, particularly in Iran where it has met with great success. Truly a window on the world, it ranks among the most… Read more »


If music is your cup of tea, and you are keen to keep abreast of the latest music news the programming from Gold Hits offers an energetic and cheerful cocktail of exciting new music at all times, day and night. And not just modern music, the programmes cut across a wide variety of styles and… Read more »

Med Nûçe is a Kurdish television station broadcasting continuous rolling world and regional news. It is part of the generation of channels created in recent decades to represent the Kurds of Turkey in the world. Med Nûçe is a news channel providing live coverage of political news, economic, sports and cultural related to the Kurdish… Read more »

As its name suggests, Muzik TV is a television channel dedicated to music. It provides a broad spectrum of offerings: videos, concerts and traditional music are all given due importance, with programmes broadcast round the clock, seven days a week. Muzik TV is unique in being a showcase for the world of Kurdish music. Whether… Read more »

NUTA.TV is a music channel in which current hits of world pop and dance music are presented in the highest image and sound quality, as well as the greatest hits of recent years, in which the heart will kill more than once. NUTA.TV can be received in the all Europe, Middle East and North Africa… Read more »

The Persian Music Channel, more commonly known under the acronym PMC, is a dedicated entertainment channel for Hot Bird. It belongs to the audiovisual company Persian Media Corporation. From its headquarters located at Dubai Media City (UAE), the product and TV station broadcasts programmes in Persian and in Arabic languages as well as being​​ in… Read more »

The world of Iranian media consists of a variety of channels, including several dedicated solely to entertainment. But in the whole lot, if there is one that stands out for its original style, it’s Rest 1. Composed of experienced and dynamic presenters, the team of this TV station brings together the best of Iranian showbiz… Read more »