Langue(s) : روسی.

Pays : روسیه.

Genre(s) : اطلاعات عمومی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


RTR Planeta sur


Public broadcast entity VGTRK, RTR Planeta is a Russian general channel that launched its operations in 2002. As its name indicates, it’s vocation is to provide a global television station to those wanting an authentic Russian station wherever they may be in the world.The international arm of state television Rossiya 1 is therefore intended for a Russian speaking audience throughout the world and it is the perfect choice of channel through which both the Russophile and citizens in the diaspora can stay connected to the realities of Russia. Broadcasting from its offices in Moscow, this member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) covers several destinations in the world: Europe, Africa, Asia and also North America.
The spread of RTR-Planeta programs is general. As an international version of the Russia-1, it’s programming schedule also includes part of the programs of the latter, in some cases takes live as they happen. Coverage of Russian, European and global news also occupies an important place in programming. As such, the general channel broadcasts the news of its counterparts (including Telekanal Rossiya) featuring local and regional news bulletins. Documentaries covering various topics, ranging from health to new technologies, through the social and economy are also on this channel. Similarly, a variety of cultural programs are aired on RTR Planeta and reveal the country’s rich cultural heritage. Viewers can also follow the broadcast of TV series from Russian production companies.