Langue(s) : کردی.

Pays : ترکیه.

Genre(s) : موسيقی.

Satellite(s) : hotbird


Med Muzîk sur


Med Nûçe is a Kurdish television station broadcasting continuous rolling world and regional news. It is part of the generation of channels created in recent decades to represent the Kurds of Turkey in the world.
Med Nûçe is a news channel providing live coverage of political news, economic, sports and cultural related to the Kurdish community. Because of the international situation of the Kurdish people the news channel operates in a difficult environment, but despite this it provides a reliable and constant supply of news with integrity. This TV station is seen as a showcase of the Kurdish people in Turkey. Despite this local focus, the network is not only working hard to stay true to its ambition to inform local populations but also aspiring to bring local news to the wider world.

Med Nûçe stands as one of the main sources of information for Kurds living abroad as well as at home. For this reason several newscasts are enrolled in its programme schedule. Talk shows which bring a true synthesis of Kurdish, Turkish and International news are also broadcast. And to discover the best of Kurdish culture, the channel also broadcasts documentaries, reports, and in depth exposes on various topics which are of interest to those wishing to gain a better understanding of Kurdish realities, as well as Kurds throughout the world.
Med Nûçe is accessible via the HOTBIRD satellite throughout Europe, as well as across the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.