Langue(s) : عربی.

Pays : کویت.

Genre(s) : اطلاعات عمومی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


KTV 1 sur


With her sister channels KTV2, KTV Sport, Al Araby and Ethra’s Channel, KTV 1 is part of the national network of TV stations managed by the public company Kuwait Television. Available on the Hot Bird satellite system, this free to view channel broadcasts in Arabic. From its inception in 1992, KTV 1’s mission has been to be a public service channel for those who want to keep in touch with the day to day realities of modern Kuwait. This ambition resulted in it being broadcast on satellite so as to reach the widest possible audience. In 1997, the channel already covered North America, and this process of internationalization has continued to the point where today, whether you are in Europe, the Middle East or North Africa, you can access KTV 1 with just a few clicks of your remote.

If you have traveled in Kuwait and been impressed by its quality of life, you’re bound to enjoy KTV 1’s schedule of lively TV shows, made with the double aim of informing and entertaining. Formats are constantly updated, while maintaining a style that balances professionalism and experience, youth and freshness. On this free channel, you will find an array of sparkling entertainment shows each as appealing as the next – programmes focused on culture, religion and a whole variety of topics. News reports, documentaries, cartoons and TV dramas in Arabic all play a part in the schedules, as does coverage of key events in the country’s political life.