Langue(s) : لهستانی.

Pays : لهستان.

Genre(s) : موسيقی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Gold Hits sur


If music is your cup of tea, and you are keen to keep abreast of the latest music news the programming from Gold Hits offers an energetic and cheerful cocktail of exciting new music at all times, day and night. And not just modern music, the programmes cut across a wide variety of styles and periods, to appeal to all ages and moods. Ranging from the dance hall classics of the 50s to the latest sounds of the present day, Gold Hits has a truly diverse range of tastes to discover as well as all of the popular videos you would expect to find on the web. In addition, with programs such Gold Hits, you can enjoy getting your daily exercise without having to leave the privacy of your own home! Whatever your mood, whether you need cheering up in the middle of a blue period, or whether you feel like dancing there will be a Gold Hits programme to suit you.
Gold Hits also offer exciting in depth explorations of news of interest to music fans with recent programmes examining the deaths of Michael Jackson, and Prince. Also featured, of course, is the Hot 100 from Billboard, keeping you up to date with what’s current and popular.
Internationally available on satellite from Hot Bird Gold Hits is a channel for those who put music at the heart of their lives, and their days , and want a channel that does the same.