Langue(s) : انگلیسی.

Pays : ایالات متحده.

Genre(s) : مذهبی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


EWTN sur


EWTN stands for Eternal Word Television Network, and is run by an independent Christian charity. Based in the United States, the television network was launched in 1981, and seeks to provide consistent religious programming with a spiritual vocation via a schedule of programs related to Catholicism.
The programming on EWTN is varied and covers all aspects of the Catholic faith, both in daily life and all of the important annual events for Catholics (such as Christmas, Easter, etc.).
EWTN offers including daily Mass from his chapel in Birmingham. It also features televised debates (including the Daily Rosary, Saturday Night Live or Live EWTN) and talk shows, as well as blessings, documentaries and programs with a doctrinal theme.
As part of an approach that is both respectful of tradition and faith, while remaining in tune with the spirit of the times, EWTN also broadcasts programs for children along with religiously themed entertainment series.
EWTN also features a Catholic news service, where viewers can watch live broadcast events, covering major Catholic events and musical performances.
On EWTN, the program schedule tends to be fairly similar to the shows offered by similar religious TV channels. The major difference lies in the perspective offered by the chain, since everything on EWTN is linked to Catholicism. For example, Mother Angelica, easily the channel’s most famous presenter, won the heart of millions of Catholic believers worldwide. She died in 2016, but her legacy lives on in the form of millions of loyal viewers and a schedule full of programs that appeal to devout and lapsed Catholics alike.