Langue(s) : عربی.

Pays :

Genre(s) : آموزش و پرورش and فرهنگ.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


Athaqafia sur


Athaqafia is a free channel available on the Hotbird satellite and offers a range of scheduling from documentaries and educational programmes as well as music, cartoons and family entertainment. The channel is aimed primarily at families and is broadcast primarily in Arabic but sometimes in the French and Berber language. The channel was created by the state owned Moroccan production company, SNRT. A member of the European Union of Broadcasting, Athaqafia is SNRT’s equivalent of BBC4 and aims to bring cultural programming with an educative bias to its audience. Programming is varied and offers a range of genres from film and drama to music and children’s television. The company prides itself on quality programming that is accessible across a broad spectrum of audience irrespective of age, gender or interests.
Available as a Hotbird channel, Athaqafia addresses important and educational issues in the form of magazine shows, documentaries and specially commissioned programmes. SNRT hope to use the channel to bring social, political and economical themes into a popular viewing forum. The chain values shows that showcase the arts and allow its audience to access important cultural features including literature, fine art and music. The channel also features regular daily scheduling which includes opening with the national anthem and a reading from the Quran as well as popular Moroccan soap opera, Umm Kalthoum.