Langue(s) : عربی.

Pays : لبنان.

Genre(s) : اطلاع رسانی.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


Al Mayadeen TV sur


Al Mayadeen TV is a news television channel that broadcasts news continuously, 24/7 in Arabic from Beirut, Lebanon. The programmes are exclusively dedicated to current events in Lebanon and around the world. Its strength lies in its team of Lebanese journalists and correspondents worldwide.

Literally meaning “”squares”” in Arabic, this young TV channel was launched in 2012. Its slogan- “”reality as it is”” – says a lot about its editorial line. Supported by the Mayadeen Media group, Al Mayadeen TV has quickly earned popularity with viewers in Lebanon, the Arab world and the four corners of the globe via the Hot Bird satellite satellite. It relays the Lebanese daily news and information as well as international news and features. This news channel is also particularly appreciated by Lebanese expatriates.

Al Mayadeen TV presents itself as a “free and independent media project” and broadcasts throughout the day almost a dozen newsletters and seventeen distinct programmes. It includes reports from the ground, political, economic, social analysis and more. It also covers live news, from correspondents, of major capitals such as Moscow, Washington, London and Teheran. Viewers can also be updated with the latest news of cities across the world from Pakistan to Afghanistan and Europe.

You can watch the news of Al Mayadeen TV on the Hot Bird satellite anywhere in the world including the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa or Asia. Get a first-hand view from Beirut on current events marking the political, economic and social life of the region as well as global news.