Pays: Iraqi Kurdistan

Many Iraqi Kurdish media outlets are owned by political parties, and Kurdistan TV is no exception. In this case, the television channel is owned by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Its main bases are in the south of the Kurdish autonomous community but it has also established offices in the Netherlands and Germany to maintain… Read more »


KurdMax TV is owned, operated and managed by EDICOO group. It is a Kurdish/Erbil based Television channel broadcasting under The KRG-Ministry of Culture licenses to the audiences in Iraq, some part of Europe and the Middle East. KurdMax TV pushes the boundaries of Kurdish speaking TV with intriguing, entertaining and thought attractive programming. KurdMax TV… Read more »

The second television channel to have appeared in the Iraqi Kurdish media landscape, Kurdsat is part of selection available on Hotbird. Available free, this TV station mainly broadcasts in Kurdish, but also presents programs in Persian or Arabic. At its launch, Kurdsat confined its coverage to the Iraqi Kurdish territory, but the channel rapidly saw… Read more »


Kurdsat, opened on January 01, 2000, is a Kurdish satellite channel based in the city of Sulaimany in Iraqi Kurdistan Region It is a general cultural TV channel covers a wide range of areas such as politics, news, art, sport and other issues concern. Kurdsat can be received in the all Middle East and North… Read more »