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Armenia TV is a private television channel established during 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia. The station quickly gained the rights to broadcast throughout Armenia, becoming extremely popular with viewers and winning a number of awards within its first year on air. Since October 2015, Armenia TV has been available to TV audiences throughout Europe, as one… Read more »

As its name suggests, Kentron TV International is an internationally oriented channel. The name Kentron is inspired by the central district of Yerevan, the Armenian capital, and it is a private television station that is available on the Hotbird satellite. In effect, it acts as a bridge between the Armenian people and the world. Broadcasting… Read more »

On November 29, 1956 Public Television Company of Armenia started broadcasting. For nearly 60 years Public Television Company of Armenia has held high the banner of being the first TV channel in the country and not only as the leading TV channel, but also as a pioneer who established the traditions and principles based on… Read more »

The Shant TV channel was launched in 1994 in Armenia. This is a private channel which broadcasts general programming. Even though the channel was born in a time of crisis for the country, it was created with a quirky tone and a little more lightness than others channels in order to attract viewers and spread… Read more »