Pays: North Africa

Al Magharibia was launched on December 16th of 2011 by Maghrebi businessmen. Founded in the context of the Arab Spring, it was created to provide a place for free expression on political, economic and social issues and events. Whilst based in London the private channel is primarily aimed at the Maghreb countries and particularly at… Read more »

Algeria 4 – also widely referred to as Tamazight TV – was launched in March 2009 by the Algerian National Television Company (ENTV). In a country known for its multiculturalism and plurality of spoken tongues, Algeria 4’s public service mission is to promote everything to do with Central Atlas Tamazight, one of the most widely… Read more »

Launched in March 2009, simultaneously with its sister channel Algeria 4, Algeria 5/Koran is an Algerian satellite TV station. Owned by ENTV (the National Television Company), this channel is exclusively devoted to the study of the Koran, the Muslim holy book. Available free on Hot Bird alongside several other channels from the Algerian national television… Read more »


First launched in 1998 by the Reverend Rodolfo Gonzalez Cruz, Bethel TV is a television station owned and operated by the Global Missionary Movement, a Christian religious movement dedicated to spreading the message of Chris worldwide. Based from its broadcast base in Lima in Peru, the station has already achieved a great deal in a… Read more »

Viewers can discover the true face of Algeria through the programmes shown on the Canal Algerie television channel. Since it was launched on 1st August 1963 Canal Algerie has worked tirelessly to fulfil its mission statement of delivering information, education and entertainment to its viewers through a wide variety of shows, news reports and television… Read more »