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National Geographic channel is a documentary channel. Through the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, National Geographic captivates and entertains a global community. National Geographic Persian is the first documentary in the region with a twenty-four hour broadcast and free of charge. National Geographic channel presents high-quality documentary programs of culture, wildlife, engineering, technology… Read more »

Nejat TV (also known as TBN Nejat TV) was launched in 2003 and has since then claimed to have sparked the conversion of numerous Muslims to the Christian faith. According to statistics, subscribers to this free channel are steadily increasing, making it one of the most watched Christian television channels in the Middle East. Owned… Read more »

Founded in 1991 by a group of committed lay people, this Christian channel remains unique in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. And that is the foundation of its continued success. Broadcast by the satellite network Hot Bird, NourSat TV (also known as Télé Lumière) is a free channel with an ecumenical and religious remit,… Read more »

Pars TV, sometimes still known as VOI News, is a television station based in the Californian city of Tarzana. The channel, which produces and broadcasts programmes in the Persian language, styles itself as the “Voice of Iran” and has gained a reputable following for being a credible source of information. It allows viewers to follow… Read more »

Owned and funded by Afghan businessman, Omar Khetab, the Payam-e-Afghan TV channel is broadcast via satellite. The wide range of its programming has been widely available to overseas viewers living in Canada, Mexico, The United States and Europe since 2008. Payam-e-Afghan TV programmes are broadcast from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and it is… Read more »

Recent years have seen the appearance of new television stations promoting a focus on the Persian culture. With their ability to take advantage of satellite broadcasting, such as via Hot Bird, these channels can now reach Persian populations wherever they are living or working in the world. Based in the UK, the Iranian Persian Star… Read more »

Owned by Persian Star TV (PS.TV) Limited, Persian Star 2 is an Iranian television channel. Like its counterpart Persian Star 1, its general headquarters are based in the United Kingdom, where the channel both produces and broadcasts its programmes. Both of these channels are geared towards offering viewers entertainment as well as an insight into… Read more »

The Persian Music Channel, more commonly known under the acronym PMC, is a dedicated entertainment channel for Hot Bird. It belongs to the audiovisual company Persian Media Corporation. From its headquarters located at Dubai Media City (UAE), the product and TV station broadcasts programmes in Persian and in Arabic languages as well as being​​ in… Read more »

The world of Iranian media consists of a variety of channels, including several dedicated solely to entertainment. But in the whole lot, if there is one that stands out for its original style, it’s Rest 1. Composed of experienced and dynamic presenters, the team of this TV station brings together the best of Iranian showbiz… Read more »


News, sport, TV, Radio & a whole lot more from Afghanistan & the world in Pashto, Dari & English. RTA can be received in the all Europe, Middle East and North Africa region, through the HOTBIRD/Eutelsat 13.0°E satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.

Sat 7 Pars is a religious channel produced in Iran which is specifically aimed at Christians. The slogan of the channel is “Making God’s Love Visible”, which pretty much sums up the purpose and content of the channel which spreads the Christian faith into homes across the Arab world. This television station is primarily made… Read more »

Simay-Azadi Iran National Television is an Iranian network channel with an international team of media professionals. This channel is dedicated to inspire the people of Iran by raising awareness about the national and international happenings through its newscasts and shows. The very word ‘Simay-Azadi’ means “Picture of Freedom.” Simay-Azadi Iran National Television channel’s slogan rightly… Read more »