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Power TV is the first Polish entertainment channel presented in HD. It produces a variety of programmes to suit the preferences of all generations. With Power TV, you will be first in line for all Polish and global releases in music. You will find not only your favourite videos, but also all of the important… Read more »

Radio Italia TV is a leader in its field. Specializing in the broadcasting of Italian and international music videos, this free satellite channels also offers music programmes, sports news and weather reports. The availability of the channel on the digital terrestrial network in Italy since 2011 has ensured a high definition picture of outstanding quality…. Read more »

RTL 102.5 RadioVisione is a private Italian TV and radio channel that is specifically aimed at listeners between 18 to 40 years old. It currently has more than ten million listeners and a few years ago was considered the most listened to radio station in Italy. Its programming consists primarily of the biggest hits in… Read more »

With its popular music programmes and entertainment shows, Russian Musicbox sets itself out to be ‘the’ international music channel for young people. It first started broadcasting in 2004 and is widely available across the globe including in numerous towns in Russia, in the Baltic States and in all European countries. The channel is dedicated to… Read more »

The popular Russian channel, Shanson TV, is geared towards music and arts programming. Boasting a schedule of live news broadcasts revolving around artistic events within the recording industry, there’s plenty on offer for music fans of all genres. Viewers can immerse themselves with relaxing broadcasts of live Russian folk songs, with engaging videos and information… Read more »

Stars TV is a Polish satellite television station that is dedicated exclusively to music programming. Thanks to its dynamic team of journalists and columnists, the chain offers an attractive cocktail of programs that will allow music lovers to explore their passion for music to the limit. As a Polish channel Stars TV devotes considerable attention… Read more »

From its studios in Los Angeles in the United States, the channel TM TV addresses issues of business and current events from the perspective of migrants. Its programs are intended primarily for residents of the Middle East, but even more for those who dream of going to live in the United States. TM TV offers… Read more »

In recent months the media landscape in Poland has been impressed by a new, exciting television channel To!TV. To!TV has viewers on the edges of their seats, people of all ages are captivated with a fully comprehensive general programme schedule. One of the most interesting aspects of this television station is that it is also… Read more »

First launched back in 2014, the Polish language television channel Vox Music TV is owned by Lemon Records. Its output mainly consists of clips from shows and music dating back to the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Along with this they also play regular examples of European music, Italian Eurodance and disco tracks. However, the channel… Read more »