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The 2M Monde television channel is partially airing first in March 1989, it is now regarded as a public broadcasting system, and has been since January 1997. Watched by 70% of Moroccans, it has contributed significantly to the global appeal of the country. 2M is broadcast on the Hot Bird satellite system and presents entertainment,… Read more »

8 Kanal Evrope is a general channel broadcast in Russian, which targets the Russian and Belarusian population. Transmissions are live and you can enjoy many different programmes throughout the day. The channel broadcasts several weather bulletins from morning to evening, as well as numerous series covering a variety of topics to suit all tastes. The… Read more »

Broadcast in Arabic from the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi TV Europe is a general Arab television channel that offers diverse programs for the whole family. Its schedule of programmes features an equal amount of news and cultural coverage. A blend of game shows, news, films, television series, entertainment shows, scientific discoveries, cooking programmes, documentaries… Read more »

Al Aoula Europe is one of the main Moroccan public broadcasting channels and was previously known as Moroccan TVM. The channel broadcasts in French and Arabic, so appeals to a wide range of viewers. Moroccan expats will find Al Aoula Europe is particularly good for keeping up with news and views from home, as well… Read more »

Al Hiwar TV is broadcast in the Arabic language from London. The channel was established in 2006 by a group of Arab and UK-based intellectuals and entrepreneurs. The channel broadcasts information and analysis and aims to encourage academic discussion and dialogue between civilisations and different ethnic groups. Some of the programmes broadcast by Al Hiwar… Read more »


Al Kahera Wal Nas is Egypt’s Boldest TV channel. Featuring the biggest and best programing in the Middle East and North Africa. Al Kahera Wal Nas can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa Region, through the Nilesat/Eutelsat 7W satellite.

The Al Magharibia channel broadcasts political, social and economic programmes from its private London base. The channel is broadcast in Arabic and aimed at the Mahgreb countries, Algeria in particular. More than 50 percent of the broadcast programmes are devoted to news specifically related to Algeria, and the channel promotes free speech and expression. The… Read more »

Al Masriyah is the Egyptian national TV channel and is aimed at a family audience, carrying a wide variety of entertainment programming for all tastes and interests, broadcast in the Arabic language. The channel begins each morning with a reading from the Koran, and continues throughout the day with the best of programs collected from… Read more »


Al Nahar TV is a general interest television service from Egypt. Programming includes talk shows, political discussions, dramas, movies, mini-series, game shows and reality series. Al Nahar TV can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa region, through the Nilesat/Eutelsat 7W satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.

First launched in 2008, Iraqi private TV channel, Al Sharqiya, is committed to providing quality entertainment programming to Arab-speaking viewers throughout Iraq and across the world. Those looking for variety viewing have plenty to enjoy, with a diverse slate of general programming and content that reflects this diversity. Viewers of all ages are represented, with… Read more »

Al Waad Channel est une chaîne de télévision libanaise appartenant au réseau mondial de télévisions du mouvement religieux des Adventistes du Septième Jour. Disponible gratuitement sur le satellite Hot Bird, elle propose donc des programmes à connotation principalement religieuse promouvant les préceptes de la vie chrétienne. Fidèle à la doctrine de cette confession religieuse, elle… Read more »


Al-Oula (ERTU 1) is the flagship channel of the ERTU (Egyptian Radio and Television Union), the Egypt Public broadcaster. The channel was established in 1960. Al-Oula is broadcasting General Entertainment programming in Arabic language. Al-Oula (ERTU 1) can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa region, through the Nilesat/Eutelsat 7W satellite, and… Read more »