Langue(s) : Vietnamese.

Country : Vietnam.

Genre(s) : Generalist.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

VTV4 On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


Vtv4 is a Vietnamese channel that is run by the government and provides public interest broadcasting all over the world. The channel was founded in 2002, and is one of the properties of the national broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV). Vtv4 is a television channel run by the Ministry of Information and Local Communication. In parallel to this, it is also under the supervision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Prime Minister.

Originally Vtv4 broadcast its programs for only 4 hours per day, from 0:00 until 4:00 the next morning (Hanoi time). Nowadays, thanks to a more diverse roster of programs, it is able to operate round the clock without interruption. VTV 4 is now available around the world through various relays including the Hotbird satellite network. In addition to presenting Vietnam to the world in all its facets, Vtv4 also serves as a link between the Vietnamese who have stayed back home, and the wider Vietnamese diaspora.

Vtv4 now offers a varied program schedule. It mainly broadcasts the programming of Vietnam’s three terrestrial channels, namely VTV 1, VTV 2 and VTV 3, either live or with a slight delay. You will also find all editions of local Vietnamese news, in both French or English. In between news bulletins, the channel also broadcasts TV entertainment series, a wide selection of magazine shows and game shows and of course, plenty of variety shows as well. It is broadcast via the Hotbird Satellite all over the Europe and Middle East region.