Langue(s) : Khmer.

Country :

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird

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TVK is a public television channel based in Cambodia. Originally launched in 1966, the station is broadcast courtesy of the Cambodian Ministry of Information. Upon arrival of the Khmer Rouge in 1975, TVK was temporarily closed down until its grand reopening in 1979 when it adopted its current name, TVK, standing for Television Kampuchea. Later, in 1998, TVK introduced a new recording studio and more modern equipment, dramatically increasing the quality of its content and helping promote its broadcast offering to compete on the world stage. The chain has since supported TV channels like Canal France International, along with NHK Japan. The station even holds permission to broadcast programming developed by its partner channels, extending its broadcast library with an impressive slate of shows and entertainment.
in 1998, the company, Media Services Limited based out of Singapore was invited to manage the marketing efforts of TVK. A year later, the chain launched into satellite broadcasting across Europe via the Hot Bird satellite. Viewers with access to the satellite can continue to watch TVK for free to this day. Later still in 2009, TVK began to broadcast its own original programming, although it was only from 2015 that TVK became committed to delivering 24/7 broadcasting to viewers in Asian countries. More recently, this 24/7 schedule has been extended to accommodate viewers in Europe and elsewhere.
TVK has a diverse portfolio of programming, with a keen focus on general entertainment, news and information broadcasting, political updates and cultural affairs relating to Khmer culture in particular. News is delivered throughout the day in the form of concise bulletins, along with more in-depth discussions and commentaries. There’s also plenty of more general programming, with music and theatrical based shows, alongside light entertainment programming for everyday viewing.