Langue(s) : French.

Country : France.

Genre(s) : Generalist.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

TV5MONDE EUROPE On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


TV5MONDE Europe is a French television channel featuring programs with an international flavour and appeal. Launched in France in 1984, it quickly enjoyed viewing success and broad popularity, and is now available in over 200 countries worldwide, reaching around 55 million viewers every week. TV5MONDE Europe features an eclectic mix of programming, made up of original news and magazine programs along with additional material taken from selected partner channels. Much of TV5 Monde’s programming revolves around society and current events, with up to a dozen daily news segments, along with rebroadcast output from major national news outlets including France 2. Alongside its current affairs programming, the channel also offers films, drama, sports, game shows, serials, and documentaries on a wide range of topics including kitchen and cooking, animals and nature, art, home decor, health, and well-being. Younger viewers are not forgotten, with the channel also offering programs and series dedicated to children of all ages. This wide variety of high quality content makes TV5MONDE Europe a perfect channel for the whole family, with its mix of culture, entertainment, and current affairs providing viewing to suit everyone. It is a station that fully lives up to its slogan of “One World, of the Worlds” with its cultural diversity and openness to international viewpoints.

Technical info to install this channel

Position orbitale Channel name Video Quality Frequency Polar Modulation Symbol Rate
13 deg East TV5MONDE EUROPE SD 11.137 H DVB-S 27.5
stdClass Object ( [channelId] => 215 [channelName] => TV5Monde Europe [name] => LA PETITE LEÇON DE CINÉMA [start] => 1527005350 [end] => 1527005979 [type] => stdClass Object ( [values] => stdClass Object ( [ar] => برنامج تلفزيوني [ru] => ТВ-передача [en] => TV Magazine [it] => Magazine TV [fr] => Magazine TV ) ) [image] => )

TV programme of the channel TV5MONDE EUROPE (UTC±2)


18:21 - 18:28AUJOURD'HUI

18:30 - 18:56LE JOURNAL DE FRANCE 2

18:56 - 18:59MÉTÉO

19:00 - 19:21BOOMERANG

19:21 - 19:43BOOMERANG

19:43 - 20:05BOOMERANG

20:05 - 20:27BOOMERANG

20:27 - 20:53LE JOURNAL DE LA RTS

20:54 - 20:57MÉTÉO