Langue(s) : Italian.

Country : Italy.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

TRC Sat On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


TRC Sat is a regional TV channel dedicated to the Emilia-Romagna district of Northern Italy. It deals with local news in Bologna and Modena and throughout the whole Emilia and Romagna area.

Founded in 1976, TRC Sat ( “Tele Radio Città”, or “Tele Radio City” in English) is the leading television channel in this part of Italy. Its slogan, “an inimitable accent”, clearly reflects its editorial focus. Its schedules feature regular local news programmes. TRC Sat’s staff of reporters examine the social and economic developments in the region, while experts are brought in to answer questions from residents on day to day issues. Sport, education, health, employment and renewable energy are just some of the burning topics covered. There are programmes which meet representatives of different local groups and people involved in the social life of the Emilia-Romagna region. Reports come directly not only from Modena and Bologna but also from the surrounding towns in order to explore as closely as possible lives of local people. With TRC Sat, viewers can thus keep abreast of local events. Meanwhile, a strong emphasis is also placed on the region’s cultural calendar, plus the sport and entertainment highlights happening in the area.

TRC Sat is accessible for free throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor via the Hot Bird satellite network, enabling the inhabitants of Emilia-Romagna and Italian expatriates alike to stay informed about what’s going on in the region.

TV programme of the channel TRC Sat (UTC±2)

19:30 - 20:05IL TELEGIORNALE

20:05 - 20:20TRC SPORT BO

20:20 - 21:00Consumattori

21:00 - 21:30Sette+

21:30 - 22:00Io Leggo 2° ®

22:00 - 22:20Applausi 1° ®

22:20 - 22:55Si fa per ridere 1°®

22:55 - 23:003b meteo

23:00 - 23:10IL TELEGIORNALE MO®

23:10 - 23:20IL TELEGIORNALE BO®